Uncompromising solutions on the battlefield!
Pegasus Arms gives new meaning to the concepts of safety and effectiveness on the battlefield, ensuring that the military is able to achieve strategic goals and protect the lives of our defenders.
PEGASUS ARMS is one of the leading Ukrainian manufacturers of highly effective strike combat drones that are resistant to enemy electronic warfare (in real combat) - Pegasus Arms 25. We continue to innovate, develop new drone models and expand our product line. We have a unique ecosystem that works as a single organism: R&D - Production - Pilot training - Combat use. We believe that this is the only formula that maximizes the performance of drones.

We are engaged in the production of reusable unmanned aerial vehicles. The company consists of a professional team: development engineers, technical department, managers with experience in the aviation industry, pilot training and technical support departments.
The products hold leading positions in the unmanned aerial vehicle market in Ukraine
  • Continuous training and a professional scientific approach allow us to develop innovative solutions that are accompanied by a high standard of production quality
  • All our developments undergo a thorough technical test for flight duration, followed by training and certification
  • Our production is committed to the continuous supply of high-quality goods
The maximum
useful load
up to 14 kg
Electronic warfare
FHSS (stable)
Max. speed
120 km/h

The duration of the
of the flight
up to 45 minutes

Tactical radius
up to 14 km

of flight
up to 28 km
up to 20 m/s
up to 30 m/s

By combining our efforts and capabilities, we will develop not only unique but also high-quality solutions for the battlefield.
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